Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand : Book Analysis

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Unbroken: Book Analysis In Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, innumerable controversial issues were addressed. The actions of many men were recited to be judged by the reader. Some actions elicit sympathy and respect while others induce horror and anger. Although the actions of the Japanese in bombing Pearl Harbor brought the United States into the war, much of the World War II literature has been focused on the European war. This is primarily because the Nazis are most commonly viewed as the predominate enemy of the time. The Allied collective strategy was to defend Europe first; the Allies agreed to band together to stop the Germans and Italians first, and then go after Japan. “America . . .found itself pulled into both conflicts; in Europe, its allies lay in Hitler’s path; in the Pacific, its long-time ally China was being ravaged by the Japanese” (Hillenbrand 46). Hitler has become the evil enemy synonymous with World War II. Therefore, the center of the literature is based on the area in which Hitler fought: Europe. Additionally, much of Europe share a common language and culture which makes it easier to share stories and, in turn, literature. Therefore, American literature is often heavily influenced by Western European literature. Furthermore, the Japanese have written and perpetuated very little about their experiences in the war, at least that has been translated into English, so the Japanese have added little to the overall pool of knowledge from which to base

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