Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom Superstar God and Christianity play a large role in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in the way it is affects the beliefs of characters and shapes their actions throughout the novel. Christianity offers hope to the characters of her novel as they face the harsh reality of slavery, and although some characters, to fit their morality and to justify slavery, twist the teachings in the Bible, Christianity is seen as the bane, which will end the immoral institution of slavery. The theme of selflessness and the righteousness of the Christian beliefs are a major part of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Christianity plays the biggest part in promoting the selflessness of the character from which the novel derives its name, “Uncle” Tom. He faces the prospects of being sold down the river, but instead of fleeing as Eliza does, he takes on the responsibility of Mr. Shelby’s failure. Through this act he becomes a Christ-figure in the novel, alleviating the burden of his master’s financial difficulties and absolving the other slaves from the prospect of being sold as well. “It’s me that’s sold and going down, and not you nur the chil’en. Here you’re safe” (p.80) this act is encouraged by his belief in Christ and His protection “what comes will comes will come only on me; and the Lord, he’ll help me” (p.80) But belief in God does not only inspire the slaves but also many of the people who help Eliza and George Harris in their quest for freedom. This is demonstrated in the
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