Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is “one of the most famous books in the world” she is considered to be the woman that started the civil war. This book presents Anti-slavery ideas using Religion, Maternity and the idea of Gender Roles to promote the idea of Anti-Slavery. Throughout Uncle Tom’s Cabin there are “slave problems”,how slavery destroys and crumble families by splitting apart mother and child along with husband and wive.Stowe argues that these slavery brings out the femininity in a man, but it could be thought of the other way? In society Men and Women are given different characteristics that define the way they are suppose to act and how they appear internally and physically. Women are meant to have a feminine persona…show more content…
Stowe uses a few characters to make her point valid. One of these characters is Mrs.Shelby. Mrs.Shelby from the start is the ideal women, woman with strong religious ideals who uses her moral influence over her husband and her household. Mrs.Shelby fight’s to keep Harry,Eliza’s son, and Tom by using her influence over her husband, "Why not make a pecuniary sacrifice? I 'm willing to bear my part of the inconvenience. O, Mr. Shelby, I have tried--tried most faithfully, as a Christian woman should--to do my duty to these poor, simple, dependent creatures. I have cared for them, instructed them, watched over them, and know all their little cares and joys, for years; and how can I ever hold up my head again among them, if, for the sake of a little paltry gain, we sell such a faithful, excellent, confiding creature as poor Tom, and tear from him in a moment all we have taught him to love and value?...(Stowe, Harriet Beecher, and Alfred Kazin. "Showing The Feelings Of Living Property On Changing Owners." Uncle Tom 's Cabin. Toronto: Bantam, 1981. 37. Print.)” I see this part as her assuming a form of masculinity. Mrs.Shelby starts to put her foot down trying make her opinion be heard. She tries to push her influence through her husband. She fights for Elisa and her child and that shows something that wasn’t really common among most whites at the time. Mrs.Shelby the continues to show us her view on slavery, “This is God 's curse on slavery!--a bitter, bitter,
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