Unconnected To My Family Essay

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I believe that family are the ones you should be most connected too.
As a child I never got to experience a lot of what my older cousins and relatives did. My grandparents died right before I was born. They both died from lung cancer about 2 months before I was born. I never got to meet them or make memories with them like the rest of my family did. As I have grown up I feel unconnected to my family because I can’t express my feelings about my grandparents because I never got to meet them or have any interactions with them. I have felt lonely and unconnected to my family my whole life but no one understands this because they don’t know how it feels because they have memories to hold on to and to look back on and I have nothing. I never fully understood why I felt so unconnected them till until the weekend of my cousins wedding. When your with your family you are supposed to feel connected, safe not lonely.
This all kind of hit me when I was at my cousin's wedding and my whole family came in from all over. Many of them I had only meet when I was a very young child and I did not remember them so it was like meeting everyone for the first time. After the wedding my family all sat together and ate our dinner and someone brought up my grandma and how she would've just loved this wedding and all the details that my cousins have done. That started the whole conversation and everyone just kept talking about things they remember and stories they had with my grandparents and a lot

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