Uncovering the Real Shakespeare

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The ancient writer Sophocles once said, "Fail with honor than succeed by fraud." A fraud is a disgraceful, gut wrenching title that can absolutely destroy an author’s reputation, and it is considerably interesting to realize that one of the world’s greatest playwrights, William Shakespeare, is accused of being some kind of fraud (Or at least not who we think he is). If Shakespeare was a fraud, he certainly succeeded, making himself one of the most known names in the history of literature. Across the globe, there is a heated debate whether or not Shakespeare was even the true or original author of all of the work he is claimed for. The Oxfordians, represented by Keir Cutler in "Just Exactly Who Was The REAL Shakespeare?", believe that Shakespeare never wrote all of the literature he was claimed to have written. On the other hand, the Stratfordians, represented by Alex Knapp in "Yes, Shakespeare Really Did Write Shakespeare", obviously believe that Shakespeare was the original writer and disregard theories made by the Oxfordians. While both sides have convincing evidence to defend themselves, the valid proof and powerful evidence defensively used by the Stratfordians help prove that the great William Shakespeare was, in fact, not a fraud.

To start off, William Shakespeare worked with numerous Elizabethan authors in the making of at least ten of his plays. The joint effort of numerous common playwrights was used in Henry VI, Part One, Titus Andronicus, and Two Noble Kinsmen.

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