Under Conflict Theory Of Prejudice Sociology Essay

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Prejudice has been around since the pilgrims arrived to the western hemisphere back in 1492 (Stevenson.2011). Africans were brought in from the western coast of the continent and put into ships to America to be enslaved. Ever since then America and a majority of other countries in the world has had or maybe even still have problems with prejudice. Prejudice doesn't have to just involve blacks, it can be any race that exists. We should talk about prejudice because it's still a problem that people like to keep in the dark when in reality it needs to be dealt with. This topic relates to sociology because everyday sociologists try to find out why minorities get more discriminated than whites and what they can do to limit this unorthodox practice. For the sociological lens, my topic fit under conflict theory. It fits under conflict theory because its a problem and were trying to figure out how to solve it. Discrimination and segregation would also fit under these topics as well. Also people tend to think that prejudice and discrimination …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and 60’s. (PBS minorities.2010) This event involved a ton amount of prejudicism from whites excluding blacks from simple things such as going into seperate bathrooms to more complicated things such as segregating schools. These two men played very important roles in the Civil Rights Movement because they lead marches, boycotts, rallies, etc. just so African Americans could get equal freedom as every other human being. Even though both of these men had different ways of dealing with prejudice and racism, (Malcolm with violence and Martin with peace) they still had the one main goal of ending prejudice. Of course there were other important African American men that helped contribute to the efforts, but overall these are the two most common men that all Americans know at least a little

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