Under-Education In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Education, a gift that even today is widely taken for granted, a key part in any society that hopes to work for more than a few years, a necessary measure to prevent corruption, and the requirement for great power. In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm this is made very apparent in the relationship between the governing pigs of Animal Farm and the rest of the animals that resided on the farm, the pigs assert power with their only claim to power being their intellect, and through this power they slowly change from a society that was built to benefit all of the animals on the farm into a society that has all of the animals enslaved by the pigs just as the animals had been enslaved by their previous master back when the farm was known as Manor …show more content…

The irony of it all is that the very one who suggested that the animals rebel against their master was another boar named Old Major who was as well educated as the pigs who would lead after him, but his vision was to have all of the animals live together as perfect equals. This idea of equality was however completely thrown out the window when somewhere along the line Napoleon came up with an idea to create his own totalitarian dictatorship within the farm and began testing the intelligence of their fellow animals. One such test that Napoleon ran was taking every last drop of the milk on the farm and keeping it for the pigs with his reasoning being that the pigs needed it to support their brains in the “strenuous” work that they had to do, this from an outsider’s perspective sounds downright preposterous, but for the animals on Animal Farm this would be just assumed true as they have no knowledge that would support this idea or that would contradict it so they take the pigs’ word at face value and move on. With no opposition coming from any of the animals on the farm the pigs were steadily gaining more and more luxuries while the rest were slowly getting worse and worse conditions as time went on, and unfortunately for the common animals this change did not have any end in sight as well as leading right back into conditions in which the pigs are the masters, and the animals the slaves, conditions that had been the case under their farm’s previous name Manor

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