Underage Drinking Issue Analysis

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August 20, 2016: The first full weekend of freshman year at Clemson for me and ten other people I had met in the first week of college. It was one of my friend’s birthday and after eating dinner downtown so innocently, we all decided to crack open some alcohol to celebrate the new school year and our friend’s 18th. Not too long into the night, things went south quickly. In Lever, an openly and enforceable dry housing building, the RA on-call knocked on our door and asked to see identification and exactly how much alcohol he correctly suspected we had. Thus began what I was terrified would always happen to me, I would let loose once and make a huge mistake that would affect my entire college career. Luckily the university is forgiving and understands…show more content…
I learned what one drink contains alcohol wise and what effects it has on the body. I also learned that forgiveness for weak moments is extremely important and coming away from this situation, I’m smarter and more equipped for the real world and college pressures. Had I gotten caught and the policy for underage drinking been very black and white and unforgiving I would’ve been more likely to rebel, honestly. But since this program is understanding of the situation and how college students sometimes mess up, I’ll walk away from this situation accepting of the fact that underage drinking is dangerous and I’m more willing to correct myself and grow as a…show more content…
There’s plenty of other things to do for fun and giving into peer pressure is something everyone should learn to resist. Just because your friends don’t all see the immediate danger but you do does not mean you should throw caution to the wind and go along. My biggest regret that night was not saying something early on about what exactly we were getting ourselves into. Multiple times I thought about what would happen if we got caught and if it was really worth the risk and what other things we could have done that night instead of drink. Not once did I speak up about my apprehension. What I’ll take away most from this scenario is that speaking up and maybe being seen as a buzzkill is tremendously better than going against my gut for the sake of going with the
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