Understanding And Working With Curriculum

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Understanding and working with curriculum has become a daily occurrence for me. Upon graduating with my undergraduate degree, I would not have been able to tell anyone about standards or how to correctly align a course. This is something that I do on a daily basis now and will continue to build upon in my School Improvement Project. Our school recently bought new curriculum and it is my goal to ensure that the curriculum is correctly aligned and leads to students’ success. In the literature that I have read on this topic, there are a lot of people who use different words and phrases to talk about aligning curriculum and meeting state standards. In the article, Aligning Curriculum, Standards, and Assessments: Fulfilling the promise of School Reform, the author gives definitions for congruence, correspondences, bridged and gravitational alignment strategies. All of these ideas are important in understanding alignment but giving a teacher these pieces of information will initially overwhelm them. Instead I feel that teachers need to be taken through the beginning of curriculum development and work on the steps of curriculum mapping and alignment. Many teachers are given curriculums that are aligned and provide them with their maps. Through this school improvement project, I plan on taking teachers on this journey with me as I plan the new social studies curriculum. Additionally, the articles agree on the importance of having a standards aligned curriculum. First, in the
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