Understanding School Shootings

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Understanding School Shootings There are a lot of school shootings happening in the U.S., today. These school shooters have problems, which they need to be helped immediately. Schools need more security in order to prepare for these shootings. People never know or expect a person in their school to start shooting a gun at innocent people. Throughout years, more and more shootings are occurring, we need to find out what causes these tragic dilemmas in schools. Students need to help out other students, nevertheless, at least show respect to more students. I know that most school shooters have something in common. “These commercially manufactured psychotic drugs (Prozac, Ritalin, Paxil, Luvox, etc.) are probably triggering psychotic behavior in already unstable individuals, and this potential connection needs to be officially investigated immediately.” (Freydis, pg. 2) However, most school shootings happen in the first few hours of school, and males ages 13 to 20 are the most common school shooters. What this means is they have a mental illness, although they can’t control it all the time. They often dwell about their life. School shootings occur within 6 months today; most shootings are with pistols, and the shooter ends up passing up his life in the end. (1b: SV; SV, and SV.) The shooter is generally a loner, or he doesn’t have many friends. This shows that he doesn’t belong in his school, so he should probably try to go to a different school to see if he can make

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