Unequal and Unethical Treatment of Women in the Middle East

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History shows many instances of discrimination and unequal rights for women. Women have been looked down upon and been abused by men in many different countries and cultures. There is a history for inequity of women, especially domestic violence and abuse. These dilemmas have been going on for the many years in the past, and are still going on today, especially in Middle Eastern countries. One major aspect of the situation of abuse towards women is involved with marriage. In many Middle Eastern countries, it is common for parents to arrange or even force a marriage, and for the children to have no say in it (Child Brides). I believe that this is a large part of the cause for aggression and abuse against the women. In an …show more content…

Here in Gaza men are supposed to be providers. The siege, the strikes, in one way or another they affect all households in Gaza - poverty, hunger, homelessness. Men are really frustrated. They sometimes take it out on their wives.” In Gaza, however, there are few places for a woman to run. “There are no shelters here. Just clinics where women can get comfort, advice or anti-depressants - more often than not, without their

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