The Stereotype of Disrespecte Middle Eastern Woman is False Essay

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Contrary to what the media and society may say, women in middle eastern society have a respectable status. “…Bob would eat with the men in the Sheiks mudhif or guest house and I would lunch in the harem, or women’s quarters (Fernea, 31).” Western thinking would automatically jump to the conclusion and assume that the women are not being respect by sitting away in a different room with only women, something, “sexist.” Unfortunately ignorance in this case is not bliss. The reason why women sit in a different room apart from the men during occasions is actually to respect the women. We all are human so our eyes may wander either intentionally or unintentionally, but it is very disrespectful if a man stares at someone else’s wife let alone a …show more content…

The wealth that the bride may receive could include property, jewelry, money, or something of monetary value. The reasoning behind the mahr is to show that the woman is being respect by giving her this type of insurance. Only the bride can decide how much she is to receive according to Islam. The woman forfeits her right to her mahr only if because of her actions her marriage is terminated.
The status of women in middle eastern communities are very apparent once the woman has given birth. “Both are constantly in the company of their mother; babysitters are an unknown institution (Davis. 25).” Women are the ones who are indefinitely in charge of their children beginning at birth. This is a very respectable status that is given by societies to women. Communities know that most men cannot raise a child with the adequate nutrition and care that a mother can provide. Many western societies may argue and proclaim women should not be the ones to sacrifice their lives to raise a kid. On the contrary, to have a child is cherished and it is looked at as a blessing rather than punishment.
In middle eastern society Many may claim that the women in the middle east are being oppressed but the same may be said about women living in the west. Until quite recently in time women here in the United States received an equal status to men. Whereas these traditions and

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