Unfortunate Events In The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials was a very tragic event in history. There is so many questions to This series of unfortunate events that still are unanswered today. This event took place in the village of Salem, Massachusetts between the months of February 1692 and May 1693. What I mean by “series of unfortunate events” is that some of the things that happened to innocent people was crazy. People were hung, and one man even got pressed to death with a bunch of heavy rocks. All of the people of Salem were firm believers of the puritan beliefs and if the any of the puritan laws were broken or had failed to uphold the community values, and were therefore easy targets for the Devil and witchcraft. In the movie , Three Sovereigns For Sarah , they were never possessed , it was all just an awful act and a lot of superstition and paranoia based on their Puritan beliefs .
Religion definity played a big part in this horrific event because of the village of Salem being very religious and took religion very seriously. Like it was mentioned, it led to a lot of superstition and paranoia , for example when people of the village started accusing each other, The puritan religion was a bit extreme , for example, it was against the law to not go to church , if you did something that the townspeople did not like , you were frowned upon. They also believed in the Devil just as much as they believed in God. If they sinned often death was the answer. Even when brought to trial for being accused of

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