Unhealthy Habits in the Greek Community at USC Essay

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Greek life and partying is part of the college Un experience. This past fall, students from Arizona State University flocked to campus for the USC vs. ASU football game. However, very few actually came for the football game itself. They came to experience the infamous parties hosted my USC Greek life. This is not an isolated case. USC Greek life prides itself on the reputation that it has built. Thursday night parties are not only reputable, as being epic by USC students but by the college community as a whole. However, the party culture at USC has grown uncontrollably. The number of students transported to the hospital each weekend is completely unacceptable and needs to be reduced drastically. Although the University has put restrictions …show more content…

It is no secret that Greek life has earned USC the reputation of being one of the nations top party schools. Time after time, it gets ranked in the top ten party schools by various websites, magazines, and journals. Gaining these notorious titles came at a great price, as these many Greek scandals have filled national headlines. USC Greek organizations have had a long history of getting in trouble. In 2011, Kappa Sigma was involved in an e-mail scandal. One of the fraternity members sent out an email explaining to his fellow brothers “how to hook up with girls.” The e-mail was filled with many racist and explicit terms and when referring to females, he labeled them as “targets.” He continued on and told the fraternity members to not think of them as “people like us” (Shaw, 2013). As a result, the row was placed on social probation and Tuesday and Thursday night gatherings were banned. Pre-rush parties were banned during Fall 2011 due to such a high number of student transports, that the situation could not be ignored. In the Spring of 2013, pre-rush parties were subjected to the same cancelation as those in 2011 for the same reasons (Shaw, 2013). There were such a high number of student transportations to the hospital that the university has been forced to intervene. According to university history, intervention becomes necessary when situations reach an extreme and not a moment sooner. The

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