Unit 302 Level3 In Education And Training

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Unit 302 Level3 in Education and Training Task Ai a) Outline the key features of inclusive teaching and learning Inclusive learning is about ensuring all your learners have the opportunity to be involved and included in the learning process. It’s also about treating all learners equally and fairly, without directly or indirectly excluding anyone. Inclusion is about attitudes as well as behaviour, as learners can be affected by the words or actions of others. You are not teaching you’re subject to a group of learners who are all the same, but to a group of individuals with different experiences, abilities and needs which should be recognised and respected. Agreeing individual learning plans (ILPs) and/or action plans can help formalise …show more content…

B Reflective account Even the best teachers can be apprehensive and nervous prior to the first day of teaching a group of new learners; this can be a frightening prospect for both teachers and learners alike. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the learner is put at ease as soon as possible when entering an alien environment. It is essential that a set of ground rules are put in place and explained why they are there. The purpose of using ground rules is to establish a shared understanding amongst a group, that everyone has the right to an opinion and a right to feel valued and respected. Ground rules establish acceptable boundaries, agreements and structures, which may guide a group to achieve its potential and promote mutual opportunities for everyone to reach their individual goals and aspirations. This should be done on the first meeting, so that all are aware of there responsibilities and the way they should be behaving whilst in the new environment. Some rules will be requirements for legal and safety reasons others will be there for the good and benefit of all participants. This could mean things like no swearing, arriving on time, let the teacher know if you intend to be late. One important ground rule is that no one should interrupt when one person is speaking; thereby reinforcing the notion that all individual views are important, valid and listened to. It is important to recognise that there

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