Unit 4 History of 1450 to 1750 Essay example

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First of all, I would like to address the fact that if you look on the provided syllabus, Unit 4 encapsulates chapters 15 through 20 which is from between 1450 and 1750, so there is no need to be upset. Anyway, many monumental changes occurred throughout Unit 4 that affected the way people viewed their world and their place in it. Certain modern day changes in our perception of our world are similar to those changes from hundreds of years ago. The beginning of Unit 4, 1450, marks the time when the world could really be considered connected because of the amount of interaction a global scale. The powerful states of the era embarked on journeys all over the world because of religious, economic, and political motives. This interconnectedness …show more content…

Such connectedness, then and now, exposes people to a cornucopia of ideas and opinions and gives people a broader perception of the world and a better understanding of the impact of their actions as they move through the world. In addition to the exploration occurring throughout the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries, several movements were very impactful. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are often referred to as the age of an enlightenment because Enlightenment was a philosophical movement that completely revised many people’s thoughts. The movement equated the rules of societal behavior to those of Newtonian physics-rational. Enlightenment encouraged individualism, logic, and reason as opposed to tradition. Currently, while many people still turn to religion, logic and reason has become immensely common and important. People want statistics and proof before they will accept something. Scholars often refer to the “CSI effect” which has become common in recent years. The “CSI effect” refers to the fact that the televisions show CSI has caused people to look for an indisputable smoking gun, often in the form for DNA and will not accept something without a logical answer like such. Just as Enlightenment led to the Scientific Revolution, many modern movement spawn other movements that help to further human kind. This shows that despite all the changes over the last

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