Essay about Unit 8 – Impact of War, Conflict & Terrorism on the UPS

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Unit 8 – Impact of War, Conflict & Terrorism on the UPS D1 – Evaluate the impact of war, conflict and terrorism on one UK Public Service For this assignment I have decided to specifically look at how the British Army are affected. WAR If there is a war and NATO decides that the UK needs to provide direct military action then the British Army will have to be prepared. War affects the army as an organisation because it means they will lose soldiers and have to retrain new ones. An example of this would be the crash of Nimrod XV230 which killed everyone on board, that highlighted the cost-pressure of the war. The training and recruiting of troops is expensive enough but to constantly sustain the high amount of soldiers that is…show more content…
This could lead to a lack of morale from the service men and women as they are being asked to do more but for fewer advantages. Another key issue from personnel at war besides physical injuries would be the mental damage they suffer. Statistics from the MOD show that between April and June 2013 there was 1367 new cases of personnel suffering with a mental disorder in the Armed Forces, putting them at the highest amount of mental disorder sufferers than any of the other services. That’s just within a three month period, and with Afghanistan tours running every six or ninth months it just seems that number will rapidly heighten. Overall it seems the main impact the British Army suffers from when it comes to War is the financial cut backs. They are expected to do so much and constantly provide strong soldiers yet they aren’t seeing much in return. CONFLICT Conflict undercuts or destroys environmental, physical, human and social capital, destroying all available opportunities for a sustainable development. So saying that makes it clear that it is going to directly affect the well-being of the British Army because it results in the loss of lives and in some cases human rights. It is said that the British Army has been involved in some form of conflict for around 100 years now, so you could almost say it’s just part of the job and something you have to deal with. But similar to war, conflict has its effects, mentally and

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