United States Government Expansion Essay

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In the last century and a half, the United States Government has grown significantly in size, scope, and influence. There are many contributing factors to this expansion. The quest for civil rights, presidential programs and how those programs affected domestic policy, and the foreign policies that were a result of imperialism, nationalism, and the many conflicts that the nation became involved in were the biggest catalysts attributing to this progressive development in the government. These effects have shaped the government from the vision of the Founding Fathers into what it is today. The expansion of the government’s power, particularly the Executive Branch, has its roots in Progressivism. Based on the ideas of philosophers like …show more content…

US protection from Asian countries and the need for a Pacific base were the reasons for getting Hawaii. Both of these acquisitions would become a huge part of foreign policy and the need for an expanded government in the coming years. As imperialism extended the country’s power and influence through diplomacy and military might, the policy of non-intervention would quickly become outdated. Due to Britain and France running out of men, money, and material, the US had to get involved in World War I. This involvement brought about numerous new policies and activities by the government. The War Industries Board, Food Administration, Railway Board, and the US Shipping Board came to be. Railroads were nationalized and two new laws, the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918, were put into effect as a result of US involvement in the war. Hawaii would become a key part of World War II with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. One of the Cold War “battlefields” was Alaska. Due to the Truman Doctrine and its policy of containing communism, the US gor involved in Korea and later, Vietnam. Domestic policy changes, also tied to Progressivism, were a major component of the expansion of the size, scope, and influence of the US government. Roosevelt’s Square Deal caused the government to grow because he wanted the government to regulate business and get more involved in the American economy. Under Taft,

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