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United States of America
Faith Renteria
World Health Organization
Multidrug-Resistant Diseases; Cloning

I. Country Profile A. Government 1. Official Country Name: United States of America 2. Governmental System: Constitution-based Federal Republic 3. Head of State: Barack Obama 4. Official Language(s): No Official Language 5. Region: Allies/Blocs: EU Members, NATO Members, Western Bloc B. People 1. Population and Growth Rate: 318,892,103, 0.77% 2. Major Religions/Cultures: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jewish; White, Black, Latino, Asian. C. Economy 1. Economic System: Industrialized Economy based on …show more content…

D. Development 1. Development Statues: Industrial nation; developed 2. Climate: Mostly temperate, regions of Arctic in Alaska and Tropical in Hawaii 3. Environmental: Air and Water Pollution, Carbon Emissions E. Military 1. Military Organization
2. Military Expenditures: 4.35% of GDP
3. Major Weapons, Arsenal, Nuclear Capability etc.: Strong military defense weapons, Nuclear development F. Conflicts/ Issues 1. What are four problems/ threats that affect this nation?: Economic development since since the 2008 economic crash, Immigration, Race relations, Environmental issues from pollution. 2. Ethnic/ Cultural issues: Prejudices as a result of immigration, Islamaphobia, tension between the black community and white community 3. Refugee Problems: large amount of refugees from Iraq and Burma 4. Major conflict both past and present: Domestic security with immigration, largest consumer of cocaine from Columbia G. United Nations 1. Date admitted to the UN: 24 October 1945 2. Has the UN ever intervened in a conflict involving this nation? If so, where and how? No. 3. How does the country contribute to UN peacekeeping? US offers troops and economic aid to the UN peacekeeping efforts. 4. Has the UN cited this nation for human rights violations? If so, why? Cited by

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