United States Undemocratic

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During the nineteenth century, the United States of America was both democratic and undemocratic. As a newly independent country from Great Britain, the U.S tried to stay away from the tyrannical government which they had before. America believed that by giving people a say in the government and granting more rights to citizens, they would prove to be a successful government. However, although they seemed to be democratic, the United States still had some undemocratic aspects. The United States during the mid-1800s believed that by giving people the right to vote on government issues and the right to vote for legislatures made their government democratic. However, not everyone was given the right to vote. During the mid-1800s, women were …show more content…
These new immigrants were treated as second-citizens in this undemocratic nation. Even people native to the land were still treated without respect. In the painting of “the Trail of Tears”, innocent men, women and children were thrown out of their land because they Native Americans (Document 3). The U.S government showed no sympathy for them and forced them to move to a new location. On this voyage known as the “Trail of Tears”, many Native Americans lost their lives because of improper food and health care. Forcing the Native Americans out of their homes showed other nations that the U.S government was not very democratic as it preached. Although the United States was seen as unfair in some aspects, the United States was still considered democratic during the mid-1800s. The United States was still viewed as a land of freedom and pride. During the Jacksonian era, it was the fight for the common man to have a say in the government. The United States did not want powerful and rich civilians to be running the government, but hoped that the common man would help America become a stronger nation. In the painting “Canvassing for a vote”, it is the role of the common man to have a say in the government. (Document 7). The United States proved its democratic status through the vote of the common man. In the early 1800’s, the United States was a fairly new country. After being ruled under a tyrannical government, the
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