United States as a World Superpower

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Ashley Torgerson
Dr. Brown
International Relations
2nd May, 2012
United States as a World Superpower The rising to the status of world super power does not happen overnight. To explore the journey to the top, we must recognize the struggles and obstacles that were overcome. As Americans we can proudly say that we live in a country with globally recognized supremacy. As stated earlier, it was not an easy title to obtain. Looking back throughout history we can see specific examples of how we began our rise to power and what it has taken to preserve our power. Some of our more recent history has shown that many people are questioning how much longer we will be able to retain this power. I however feel strongly that America has the
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While China may have the economic means to compete, they do not have the dominant military force the United States has. “United States is the only country with the means to invade multiple medium-size countries in other continents and still sustain very few casualties. No other country currently is even near having the ability to project military power with such force and range” (Internet Source). The combination of economic stability and military power has led to the United States large impact in the international system. Hegemonic responsibilities are always put on the world’s dominant power. The United States has dealt with these responsibilities for many decades and has proven its ability to lead the world in a harmonious way. Anna Applebaum from the dWashington Post writes: “The United States is a superpower without a partner,” meaning that the United States has handled the world as a dominant power for this long and is not losing grasp of that.

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