Universal Health Care Act, Providing Millions Of Americans

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Universal Health care has been the topic of discussion among politicians and Americans today and has shown zero signs of slowing down in the future. The United States is considered one of the very few countries that spends an extensive amount of money on healthcare yet people are still struggling to receive care that’s needed and dying at a alarming rate due to the fact that they cannot afford insurance coverage for themselves and their families. In March of 2010 President Barack Obama implemented the Affordable Care Act, providing millions of Americans who previously did not have health insurance the ability to acquire and purchase premiums, however there are still some serous issues surrounding its implementation.” While the president…show more content…
In March of 2010 President Barack Obama reform Health care in America and implement a new law called the Affordable Care Act. “Millions whom previously could not afford to purchase insurance now had care drastically impacting the way health care would be delivered” (Wilson, 2010). “The Us spends 1.5 times more in health care than any other developed country and 2.5 times more than the average. At least $3000 more per person that Switzerland with comparable income yet americans die earlier and live in poorer health. Growth in the US Healthcare is Unstable , health care spending has doubled in the past 30 years rising from 9.2% of GDP min 1980 to 17.9% in 2014. Health insurance premiums have increased 97% the last decade “(Kane, 2012) This new mandate and law would drasticaly lower the cost of care for consumers , provided access to care for many citizens , increase the list of providers available to patients to choose from, provider better quality care , garanteering individuals with preexisting health conditions would not be turned away. “ This reform makes medical care more accessible and coverage more liable for millions while forcing insurance companies to be more accountable of their actions” Wilson, (2001). Americans would now have more controll over their insurance coverge. “ Important consumer protections such as the garantee of insurance coverage
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