Universal Health Care Summary

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Bernie Sanders believes that the problems that the American healthcare system faces need to be addressed promptly because they are a matter of life and death. Regardless of income or wealth Sanders believes that healthcare is a human right and should be guaranteed to all Americans. Wellness and the health of individuals is prized over corporate funds in Sanders mind. Moreover Sanders encourages legislation to curb the cost of drugs and to tackle the fruan in the industry. Altogether, Sanders believes that universal healthcare serves as a strong foundation for his policy goals.
Sanders believes that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was a small victory for the uninsured in America but, the fight against inadequate coverage, still needs to be taken further. To do this, Sanders proposed Medicare for all, his version of universal health care. This proposal, in short will allow single payer healthcare to save taxpayers five hundred billion dollars a year including the cost to train the additional doctors and nurses needed. The twenty wealthiest countries, including Canada, pays about sixty percent on health as the United States does. Yet, they are still able to provide health care that is free at point of service.
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Sanders has continually supported the extension of Medicaid coverage while also proposing comprehensive universal healthcare coverage. Additionally, Sanders has repeatedly fought to cut efforts to cut Medicaid funding. Sanders was instrumental in expanding Medicaid coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Sanders continues to fight for Medicaid even after the ACA’s passage. To hold down spending on generic drugs in Medicaid Sanders introduced the Medicaid Generic Drug Price Fairness Act early this year. The dill requires drug manufacturers to rebate Medicaid for increases in generic drug prices that outpace
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