Unrequited Love Emily Dickinson Analysis

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Poetry is regarded as a way for people to express how they feel without outright saying how they are feeling. It is unique because it allows authors to express their feelings in a way that they want to through the use of things like figurative language and literary devices. Emily Dickinson uses many different poetic devices in her works to help convey her themes. In her poem “My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close,” Dickinson discusses that fact that her life has already metaphorically closed twice before. This is most likely a reference to the two past lovers that she had. Her experience with unrequited love inspired her to write this poem, and we can infer the theme through her use of different literary devices and figurative language that she uses in her poem. Adding to the theme of unrequited love, Dickinson also wrote her poem “If You were Coming In The Fall” to discuss the fact that she doesn’t know when her lover will return to her. This can be in reference to the fact that she lost both of the people that she cared about most. Most likely this poem is in reference to her lover that was married and then died. Through the use of poetic elements, we can draw conclusions like these to understand her goal in writing this poem. In comparing Emily Dickinson’s “My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close” and “If You Were Coming In The Fall” the common theme of unrequited love is portrayed differently in the two poems by using different poetic devices to convey the theme.

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