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In the novel Unwind, Neal Shusterman offers a unique perspective on the possible outcome of our society’s conflicts on ethical issues, especially directed towards the debate on abortion. The author shows the outcome of second civil war, in which the system of unwinding is born, a word hiding the harsh truth of dismembering children. This form of abortion proved to be the only way that would bring back peace to the country, however wrong in many ways and means of drastic measures it seemed to both the authorities and the public. The process of unwinding portrayed in the novel in biased and is not a realistic solution to the problems in today's society, only serving further issues and tensions in the nation. The author on purposefully …show more content…

The author uses the idea of childhood innocence to his advantage through the novel. He is able to show the obvious bad parts of unwinding through various main characters feelings. Connor has feeling of betrayal that serve a way the reader can relate to the character, imposed when he explains his feelings of rejection “from the hearts of those who are supposed to love him” after finding out that he would be unwound. Lev also conveys with the readers his “fury at a universe pretending to be fair and just”. Along with clear faults in the process of unwinding, the author uses the viewpoints of his young characters to explore significant issue in our society. When Connor is being taken to the graveyard, he is forced to consider topics such as unwinding and abortion with three other boys in his crate. WHile they discuss issues regarding unwinding, Shusterman puts an emphasis on the topics that are relevant today. Emby represents the present day pro-life argument, while Connor takes the side of pro-choice, saying that a soul “comes when a baby’s born into the world”. Hayden admits to having started “our own little Heartland War”, connecting the boys’ discussion with the current debate of abortion. The author is not trying to push his beliefs

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