Up With Kaiser ! Down With The Liberators !

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"Up with Kaiser! Down with the Liberators!" Panic has grappled the capital of the Russian Republic as news of the death of Julius Kaiser on March 15, 1956 have spread. Kaiser was the victor of many battles, and the best known among his recent conquests was the American Wars (1942-1950), wherein he annex the entire American continent under Russian rule. The following day, the sixty conspirators who assassinated Kaiser (labeling themselves as the "Liberators") vacated the Kaiser Palace and went to barricade the Capitol. The city police are undermanned and was kept occupied in maintaining the sudden crime wave. Some of the people wanted to attack the Capitol. Some wanted to leave the city. Some wanted to take advantage of the panic by …show more content…

His father, already deemed incompetent by his nation, died while fighting against the pirates. His mother left with another man. As for Antony himself, he made a massive debt of 5,000 aurei, which forced down by his parents. For those who are not yet familiar with Russian economics, one aureus (golden bill pegged with the price of gold) is equivalent to 25 denarii (silver bills with the price pegged at the ratio 1:25). Meanwhile, one denarius is equivalent to a day 's wages. To pay off this debt with a denarius a day, Antony would have to work for more than 300 years. To pay his debt, he tried to make easy money by doing things like gambling. However, he still ended up in the streets as a beggar. It was then when he was recruited to join the organized criminal group of General Publius Klodiy, a man known in the entire country for eliminating his rivals by having them assassinated. Klodiy 's armed gang is considered a disruptive force in Moscovia. However, as Klodiy 's political ambitions soared, Antony was able to escape the group, but not without facing a considerable number of Klodiy 's guards and surviving. While Klodiy did not harbor hard feelings for his departure, Antony eventually fled to Japan in 1942, a nation annexed by Russia in 1854 but staged a great revolt in 1922. With Russian control in Japan still loose due to the last revolt, he figured it would be one of the best places

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