Urban Geography And The Human Agency

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With the sources provided it is evident how influential the social structure is on urban geography and the human agency in the continuum of the socio-spatial dialect. The talk by Wilkinson outlines social problems that correlate to inequality that is widening throughout developed countries. The Figures provide statistics of the inequality within Canada and the patterns that are not temporary but also not inevitable as discussed in the article about the Three Cities of Toronto. The article analyses the social and geographic transformation that has occurred in Toronto through the past 35 years by looking at census tracts and illustrating the disparities that are occurring and will continue to without a change of policy. Together, the sources illustrate an international problem that needs to be addressed if we do not want extensive poverty to increase at the same time the wealthy prosper off the poor’s misfortune. Wilkinson during his TED talk compiled a list of social problems that corresponded with inequality which he later grouped into three sections: Social relations (child conflict; homicide; imprisonment; social capital; trust), health (mental illness (drug /alcohol abuse incl.)Infant mortality, life expectancy, obesity), and human capital (child wellbeing, high school drop outs; math/literacy scores; social mobility; teenage births). When comparing societies and the degree in which they face these social problems, those with higher inequality, United States for example,

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