Use Of An Autoethnography For My Research Method

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I chose to use an autoethnography for my research method, as I will be reflecting on my own experiences, as well as my family’s, in dealing with drug abuse, which will be provided in narrative form. In this narrative, I will observe how the lack of communication about available resources within the community negatively impacted my family, and how it impacts other families in the Mid-South. I will be making evaluative and reformist claims, as I will be evaluating the value of the communications available about resources, as well as providing information about how the lack of communication of available resources has had not only a negative impact on my family, but on other families who have been affected by drug abuse. The data I …show more content…

The counselor was asked basically the same information, but was able to provide a broader opinion as he has dealt with a number of addicts, and not just my brother. My brother was asked what could have been done as far as communications to have helped him avoid opiate abuse.
The narrative will provide my insight and opinion on the availability of communications on drug abuse and resources in the mid-south. A gatekeeper is not required as I am right in the middle of the community, and can provide internal insight into the problems and issues. I will also be conducting informal interviews with my parents and a counselor who has worked with my brother to get their perspective on the lack of communication about available resources. In my research, I kept notes on the conversations and relied heavily on past experiences using reflexivity and past situations to help with the content of this paper. In organizing my notes, I reviewed them thoroughly to ensure I addressed each of my research questions, and have enough information to provide a strong argument or proposal.
The participants, who are myself, my brother, my parents and the counselor, participated in this research study in a variety of ways. I used reflexivity in providing my own

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