Use Of Communication And Its Effects On The World Of Technological Advances Essay

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In the world of technological advances the earth has evolved into, people are communicating more often and easier than ever. The modes of communication are endless, including: text, email, social media, phone calls, letters, fax, radio, podcast, and live via virtual video. Each one of these modes of communication opens a window of opportunity for a person to demonstrate rude behavior or improper etiquette. Have you ever been to dinner with a friend to “catch up” and found yourself staring at them as they stare into their cell phone? In this instance, it is believed that the person simply does not know they are being rude. Their rudeness is caused by mere ignorance or the thought that it is socially acceptable now (LaBossiere 2008). A means of communication is literally at one’s fingertips at all times, it not only distracts them from the world surrounding them, but the people they encounter. Cell phones have become such a part of our daily lives that they are often the thing we reach for the minute we wake up and the last thing we look at before going to bed (Woollaston 2015).
It is estimated that people spend an average of five hours a day on their cell phones. That’s a third of the amount of time they are actually awake (Woollaston 2015). However, it has been found that there are other causes of rude behavior such as a means of demonstrating superiority due to one’s own insecurities or anxieties, a person’s level of stress, and prior victimization from those who have

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