Use Of Electronic Devices Influence The Way Adolescents ' Communicate And Interact On The Physical Level

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ABSTRCT The ubiquity of technology has made it easier for adolescents to connect to others from all regions of the globe. The expansion of technology does not come without its issues. The current problem is how adolescents have turned to using technology for digital communication and sacrificing physical social interactions. Studies have found that ownership and access to devices among adolescents are on the rise (Jonsson et al., 2014; Lenhart et al., 2010; Lenhart et al., 2007; Lenhart, 2015; Madden et al., 2013; Mander, 2015; Mander & McGrath,2014). Additionally, the results of device ownership and access have also led to an increase in electronic consumption, showing 92% of teens report going online daily (Lenhart, 2015). This research paper focuses on the question of how the use of electronic devices influence the way adolescents’ communicate and interact on the physical level. The methods used to collect the data for this research was accomplished via Typeform, for the survey and analyzing of the data. DataCracker was also used to compare the results of the survey and further analyze these results. Distribution of the survey was completed using email and social media, specifically Penn State colleagues and Facebook. Respondents were invited to take the survey and remain anonymous. The data collected from the respondents was used to answer one main question and three hypotheses, which is discussed throughout this research paper. INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND INFORMATION

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