Use Of Literary Devices Used By Ray Bradbury

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This paper will delve into Ray Bradbury’s novel elucidation of how the society in the books has been burnt to ashes just like the mythical phoenix, leading to a possibility of an ultimate regeneration of a brand new, vital, civilization with the augmented knowledge, through the existence of books Montag and the others have. A nuanced argument statement can also lend a hand to authenticate the thesis statement. Several may argue that burning books should continue until every single banned book has been burnt, interpreting it as a more relishing path, since it helps alleviate, cure, and forget the sobering reality of depression that might occur again, however, book burning does have another side to it that people do not understand, knowledge can prevent future destruction from occurring all over again. Ray Bradbury added an additional thicker layer to the thesis statement through the use of literary devices, such as symbolism and imagery throughout Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury is not the only one expounding the misery of burning books, regarding the required knowledge withering from human beings, but Helen Keller, a radical thinker wrote letters during the Nazi book burning, empathizing others to get a taste of the scorch. The regeneration of a new society from the lost knowledge, through the symbol of the phoenix, has been illustrated in an ancient form of art, Woman’s Robe with Phoenixes and a Tree.
The phoenix builds a pyre to burn itself. The bird is not aware that it is

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