Use Of Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Throughout history propaganda has been a way for sinful leaders to manipulate their citizens. In George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, an allegory based on events that took place during the Russian Revolution pigs overrule the farm. In the novel the animals take over Manor Farm from their past leader and establishes a new community. Napoleon, the leader of the farm, and Squealer the mastermind behind persuading the animals, manipulate the animals into trusting their leader completely. Napoleon and Squealer effectively use propaganda to achieve domination on Animal Farm.
One type of propaganda that Napoleon and Squealer use effectively to control the animals is cult of personality. Cult of personality is usually used to praise the leader. A few days after the execution of the animals, Napoleon decides to get rid of Beasts of England. He says that there was no reason for it, now that the rebellion was over. “The general feeling of the farm was well expressed in a poem entitled comrade Napoleon, which was composed by Minimus” (Orwell 94). By creating a song that glorifies Napoleon, this benefits what the animals think of Napoleon. Napoleon and Squealer uses cult of personality effectively by having minimus create a poem about Napoleon that
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People that live in communist governments are easily manipulated because they are striped away from their freedom. Leaders preserve power by making their citizens trust them even in the worst of times, through the use of propaganda. Cult of personality to glorify, Fear to scare citizens and reinventing history to blame others for one's failures. These uses of propaganda cause leaders to maintain power. Orwell’s novel is his way of saying that vicious leaders, like the pigs, will remain to use propaganda to forcefully take power, to control the weak unless brave citizens stand up for themselves and for people who
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