Use Of Technology While Driving Cars Essay

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Body Introduction: Technology is widely used throughout the world. It is used in homes, stores, schools, offices, and even in transportation. Though it is useful and helps with many tasks it can also be a distraction, especially in transportation. The use of computers and computer technologies in transportation hinder the operator 's ability to safely travel and is dangerous to those around them. The use of phones, programmed safety features, and self-driving cars will be taken for granted and lead to people brushing off safety issues like a mosquito by their ear. Because of the use of technology while driving, it is unsafe for people and others due to small errors that can occur in the electronics of a self-driving car or even human error for not paying attention and being distracted by a cell phone. Driving is safe as long as you pay attention and are able to control and understand the car, but if you rely too much on the technology in it, what will happen when the technology fails. In the world today, technology is not perfect where everything will work 100% 24 hours, 7 days a week. There are faults that can occur and either temporary hinder the technology or completely destroy it. Argument Cell phones are a common accessory of people in today’s world. Texts are sent, calls are answered, and emails are read and sent from phones and a lot of people use them for work or school. However, people also do these activities while driving. This can lead to accidents that harm

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