Use Of The Handheld Camera And The Rise Of The Black Tourist Social Class Essay

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Armstead’s article focuses on how the creation of the handheld camera and the rise of the black tourist social class appeared at the same time in history – in the late nineteenth century – and resulted in the documentation of wealthy blacks enjoying leisure activities in the United Sates. The article includes several of photographs taken by and of black tourists during the late 1880s into the mid-1900s. Furthermore, The Negro Motorist Green Book by Victor Hugo Green is mentioned within the article and documented through several photographs. Armstead has an extensive notes section located at the end of the article and credible sources such as the Howard University Archives and the New York Public Library are used. Armstead’s article is helpful to my research for my prospectus because it connects the rise of the black tourist class with black consumerism. Armstead’s overall thesis is to better understand the black tourism class and how the development of the handheld camera led to the documentation of their travels.

Chideya’s article discusses how she, as a black woman, is able to travel around the world and not face discrimination like blacks did in the United States during most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The author uses her personal experiences while traveling abroad and compares it with the obstructions that blacks faced in the United States during the time of segregation. Furthermore, the article mentions that group travel is still a largely popular

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