Use Of Wind Power On The Environment

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The U.S should send someone to time travel back to the past to decrease the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere and investing in renewable ones. Even though time travel is not possible, when it is, this idea should seriously be considered. Renewable resources are always readily available, including hydropower, wind power, solar power, geothermal power and biomass. The use of fossil fuels in theU.S is too much and needs to be reduced (Stanford 2016). There are many renewable energy sources that we could switch to. Hydropower and Wind power are some of the easiest and renewable resources ever. However Wind power is one of the most cost-renewable resources and therefore should be a choice that people should use. Wind Power should have been harnessed and used widely many years ago. This is why traveling back in time to support the using of wind power. After traveling back in time, I have decided that wind energy is the way to go. The world should use wind power, to decrease the very dramatic effects of global warming that have happened in about 2000 years. Wind power should be used because it is abundant because wind is everywhere and also it releases no harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like most fossil fuels. Also by investing in wind power, it creates jobs for people, getting the supplies, building, and maintained the wind power plant (Energy Gov 2016). Finally, wind power can also help you save money because after making the wind turbine, little to no

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