Using Math to Find a Way to Beat the Game: A Knight´s Tour

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I chose this specific topic because I was interested to know if there was an actual mathematical way of beating the game called “A Knight’s Tour”. Whenl was first introduced to this game in my research for an internal assessment topic, I was rather intrigued by its goal that was required for each player to attempt to achieve. I thought that the game wouldn’t be too terribly hard because I knew fluently how the knight moved and thought that I would be able to move it in certain patterns across the board that would allow me to complete the knight’s tour. Although the goal of the game seemed easily obtainable at first glance, as I continued to play the game and take myself on a l<night’s tour, I came to conclusion that it would be nearly impossible to beat without having an algorithm to base each move off of. With each attempt at the game, I try different movements that might help to beat “a Knight’s Tour” but always end up landing on the same square more than once because I run out of moves, or failing to beat the game in the required 63 moves or less. After coming as close as 69 moves at the end of the tour, l decided to research the game more thoroughly and attempt to find a solution to the game without cheating, but using math based algorithms to help guide each rnovet The Rules ef A Knighfis Tour The rules seem simple at first because the player is supposed to move their knight piece in any direction, starting in the top lett corner, and make the knight land in each square
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