Using Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas

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For decades the United States of America has been relying on fossil fuels to power its economy and to function as a country. One namely Diesel fuel has power big rigs that our country depends on to transport merchandise and goods. It seems like it is part of the American way of life burning more than 1 billion dollars’ worth of oil per day. An estimated 10 percent of that is consumed by big rig trucks. The United States military also used diesel for a majority of its craft and vehicles. That is a large amount of oil and that is why there is research being done looking for alternative options to keep the country going. The topics at hand are natural gas and liquid natural gas.
Details and science of natural gas
It goes without saying that there are many skeptics that argue liquid natural gas deposits create just as much emissions as coal and oil. The main thing in natural gas is methane which is much more potent than carbon dioxide. Natural gas comes from dense rock clusters known as shale. Energy drilling is really quite simple. It starts out with deposits of natural gas found deep in the ground. Scientists find these deposits using various methods like looking for seismic energy and magnetic traces. Once a probable deposited is found the drilling or energy company drills deep into the earth’s crust to reach it. The next part is hard because after the hole is drilled the gas will not simply flow out of the hole. The natural gas is in the shale

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