Essay on Usps: the Future of Postal Service

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USPS: The Future of Postal Service
Since December 2011, discussions have been made about different actions for the U.S. Postal Service to implement in order for the company to stay in business, provide service, and become financially stable again. Options of cutting its’ network of mail-processing centers in half have been in the mix. This will affect a substantial amount of employees who work in these centers. Businesses and citizens who rely on the postal service for communication and shipping will be affected as well. All the closures and job cuts are part of the USPS plan to cut $20 billion over the next three years to help the company stay financially stable. However, these cuts may even affect the future business of the U.S. Postal …show more content…

The Rural Environment Many residents and small businesses rely on the postal service for communication and shipment. The post offices that are expected to close earn less than $27,500 in annual sales and nearly 90% of these offices are located in rural areas. These offices revenues are decreasing every year. About 2.9 million people live in rural areas where these post offices may close. These rural areas are where poverty rates are higher than the national average of 15.3%. Some of these rural residents do not have the internet to communicate due to the limited or unavailability of wired broadband Internet.
These residents rely on letters and packages. These closings mean they will have to drive longer to mail packages, buy stamps, or pay bills. Small businesses will be greatly affected; the closings will increase their costs due to the longer drive. Some people may have to drive as far as 17 to 40 miles to reach a post office to ship their products to their customers and to avoid the higher costs of using UPS and FedEx. Losing post offices may even prevent towns from recruiting new employers.


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