Utilitarian Vs. Deontological Viewpoint

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Utilitarian vs. Deontological Viewpoint: Confidentiality Operation of a Health Care Provider Health Care Provider is a very substantial field in health care as it is the procedure for caring for, or nurturing for an individual known as the ‘patient’. It also refers to the roles and duties carried out by persons who have had formal education and training in the art and science of health professionals. Existence critical in the health care field, certain roles and practices are being perceived by care for in order to more effectively and more efficiently provide services to their patients. To further provide acceptable service to their patients, health care providers, also have to witness moral and ethical values and practices, as ethics and morals may serve to provide dilemmas and conflicts in translation adequate service to patients.
In addition, ethical values and morals must be appropriately given importance and significance in the health care, providing practice to ensure that the welfare and health of the patients would be given priority, thus, protection and promoting the moral aspect of the practice. As such, this essay aims to choose whether a deontological or utilitarian viewpoint would be essential for a particular situation of reality important of a health care provider. In this regard, both concepts would be briefly distinguished, to be able to make a choice, as being applicable to the situation at hand. Subsequently, principles and alternative

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