Utilitarianism And Consequentialism

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Consequentialism is determining whether actions are justified based on the consequences of the action. Singer’s approach of utilitarianism, a form of consequentialism, is deepened by arguing that the consequences of the action for all life that is able to perceive pleasure or pain must be taken into account in determining whether the action is right or wrong. Deontology takes a different approach to how actions are determined just. According to Regan’s view, an action is not considered right or wrong based on the consequence of the action, but on the action itself, referring to “moral rules and duties” (p.29). Regan focuses on the intrinsic value that pertains to animals and argues that since they have intrinsic value it is morally wrong …show more content…

The whale faces tremendous pain during its time of death.
The killing of a whale does not maximize human satisfaction. Instead, it brings forth slight satisfaction through the use of whale products. Although it does give economic gains to various people involved, other occupancies gain a far greater net worth than whaling. Whale meat used for human consumption has had a declining demand since it is competing with other products such as beef, chicken, pork, and fish. The unwanted whale meat is transferred to sit in freezers, accumulating expenses for the space and refrigeration in use. In the cosmetic industry, whale oil is not a need. Although some companies still use whale oil in their products, most companies have found alternate resources such beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter, etc. The benefits of whaling are various but ranked low in accordance to satisfaction. The whales suffering can be described as torture since its death is not quick and humane, ranking its pain on a high scale. The net suffering of the whale outweighs the human satisfaction of whaling. Therefore, according to utilitarianism, whaling is morally wrong.
A deontologist will differ from the utilitarian view on the basis that the act of killing a whale is morally wrong due to the whale’s intrinsic value and not due to the consequences. But if society were to comply to deontologist views and value all natural

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