Utilitarianism Death Penalty

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Unfortunately, there are issues to this approach. As previously stated, there is a racial bias in sentencing of capital punishment. This racial bias places one person’s pain and pleasure over another’s. Since utilitarianism works by maintaining an equality, the death penalty cannot be morally good in the eyes of a utilitarian. Although the death penalty could deter possible criminals and promote their transformation into a productive member of society, it takes away the possibility of current criminals from attending a rehabilitation program, if applicable, and becoming an useful member of prison society. According to Amnesty, the death penalty costs more than any other possible sentences (“U.S. Death Penalty Facts”, 2012). Capital punishment…show more content…
The biggest issue against the death penalty deals with the high probability of the wrongful conviction of innocent people. As stated before, 140 people have been removed from death row after additional evidence was found and proved their wrongful conviction (“U.S. Death Penalty Facts”,…show more content…
People are wrongly convicted and spend years in prison, but execution is irreversible. This irreversibility and large area for legal mistakes are major players in the argument against capital punishment. Although these all demonstrate areas where the previous analysis of utilitarianism would falter, it is imperative to note that there is no universal utilitarianism opinion on the death penalty. This means that one utilitarian could argue that the utilitarian theory perceives the death penalty as morally right because of its ability to deter future criminals, eliminates chance of the criminal acting again, and provide closure to the victims and families, which all reduce pain and maximize pleasure in their own way. Another believer of utilitarianism could argue that capital punishment is morally wrong because it cannot be executed in a fair manner that equalizes everyone’s pain and pleasure, it uses up the crime control budget, and it is irreversible with a considerable risk of error. These situations would maximize pain and minimize pleasure for the greatest amount of people, which is the opposite of what a utilitarian perceives as
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