Absolutism Vs Utilitarianism

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First and foremost, I believe that mankind possesses inherent political/social values or Natural Laws. In other words, there are inherent fundamental goals and shared needs that are the seeds of the social contract. Furthermore, the natural values of mankind, while in the State of Nature and before any form of social contract or civil society, are more utilitarian/collectivist. For this reason, the “right” thing to do is what will maximize utility and happiness for the greater good in the long run. On one hand, utilitarianism fails to respect individual rights based on Jeremy Bentham’s point of view. On the other hand, respecting individual liberty will lead to the greatest human happiness based on John Stuart Mill’s perspective. Some may argue that the natural values of mankind are more of individual rights and personal property; however, I would consider outside influences, such as society, to be the primary establishment of these values. In fact, I believe that the societal introduction of property rights and individual rights soon increased conflict because of new competition for resources and eventual disputes that arose between individuals or groups. Similar to Rousseau’s point of view, I firmly believe that civilization and institutions brought forth the evils and vices of mankind, while the primitive state of mankind was much more innocent and happy. Although each hypothetical argument cannot be proven by concrete evidence of what mankind was like in our initial

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