Utopi An Island Shaped Like A Crescent

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1. Utopia is an island shaped like a crescent, with eleven miles of sea in-between the top and bottom point that doesn’t have any currents. This sea allows for everyone that lives in Utopia to be able to trade. Entering the bay that surrounds Utopia is dangerous because of the hidden rocks, which are known by the locals, but not by strangers so it is hard for them to enter. There are fifty-four cities, all having the same customs and laws, and all large. The city of Amaurot is near the center of Utopia, which is why it is the city where every year three senators are sent to talk about their concerns. (found on page 45-47) Their geography helped develop their society into one that was isolated from other societies, but very close and similar within its own community.
2. Utopians believe in working hard and working equally. There work day is only six hours, but yet they are very productive. They have plenty of gold and silver, but it does not play a roll in the economy because it is seen as child-like to desire luxuries. Gold and silver are only used to offer to their opponents during war. There is no money, so Utopians always make sure to have more than enough goods so that there is no unfairness. Everyone is trained in agriculture, but everyone has a separate job.
3. Capitalism is an economic system where the trade and industry of a country are maintained and controlled by private owners, rather than the government. Socialism is an economic model of social organization

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