Vacation On Easter Island

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Conducting my research supporting a vacation on Easter Island, an atypical destination filled with mystery and intrigue, I realized this destination is a must, not only for the adventure, but also for the opportunity to experience a place not everyone is willing to expend the time and expense involved in visiting, a vacation is ultimately a chance to escape the everyday drudgery and routine, all these reasons make Easter Island the perfect, eclectic, vacation spot to enjoy a once in a lifetime undertaking. Initial research led to the National Newspapers Core, perusing the hits: an article, “The Dream at the End of the World”, by Edward Albee, (celebrated playwright) stood out. Scanning the article, I realized he similarly regarded this undertaking, moreover: I realized his words summed up exactly how I feel about this excursion. “I have felt the need to experience cultures which grew, fell into decadence and vanished” (Albee 1). Easter Island, isolated and unknown until 1722 when it was discovered by a Dutch explore on Easter Sunday, (origin of its name). Consequently: this isolation is one of the drawing points for my desire to visit this paradise in the Pacific. Albee goes on to state: The three essential assemblages of statues are Ahu Akivi -- to my mind the most beautiful on the island -- seven giant figures staring out over the landscape with power and serenity; Ahu Tongariki, with 15 giant figures staring toward the quarry where they were formed,

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