Vaccination Of Vaccination And Vaccination Essay

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Summary Vaccinations have saved countless lives of children, adolescents and adults and have made diseases like small pox disappear. When a parent has vaccination hesitancy about vaccinations, do they fully understand what the vaccination is for, the safety of the vaccination, and the consequences that could happen if a child is not vaccinated? There is a great need in educating parents about vaccinations and how the vaccinations can prevent the spread of deadly viruses. Parents who are vaccine hesitant can be uneducated on the importance of the vaccine, unaware of changes made to vaccines to maintain vaccination safety, influenced by anti- vaccine activist thru social media, and are unable to get their child vaccine due to financial hardships. Introduction Vaccination Hesitancy has been an ongoing problem since the 18th century (Kathryn M. Edwards, 2016). Vaccination Hesitancy is when there is a delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccination despite availability of vaccination services (Noni E. MacDonald, 2015). Many Parents are vaccine hesitant when it comes to vaccinating their children. Vaccination Hesitancy can be influenced by factors like complacency, convenience and confidence. Along with having decreased confidence in the vaccine ingredients, providers who administer the vaccine, and having decreased knowledge/ education about the vaccinations, social media has been adding to the fears and uncertainty that parents already have about vaccinations. The SAGE
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