Vaccination Persuasive Speech

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As a young child, my parents made sure that their child receives all the immunizations that they need to help their immune system fight off diseases. Unfortunately, many people are not getting vaccinated to prevent themselves from getting diseases. This is not just affecting adults, but also young kids who are getting sick easily. Vaccinations outweigh the future risk of diseases that they are created to prevent, so for the safety of the citizens, they should be mandatory. Some history on vaccinations is Buddhist monks drank snake venom and smeared the skin to immune smallpox. Edward Jenner is the founder of vaccinations in the West in 1796 because a thirteen year old boy had the smallpox virus. The first vaccine was created in 1798, which was the smallpox and nowadays it is called the chickenpox virus. Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur created the Cholera and the Anthrax vaccine in 1897 …show more content…

When someone has pneumonia it is a greenish or yellowish mucus coming out of their mouth or out of their nose. While having this infections, some will get fevers, chills, difficulty breathing, headaches, and fatigue. Many different germs from this infection and it depends how severe the infections is, which it can last up to one to three weeks. In order to not have a painful infection then getting vaccinations are great because the can fight off the virus.
The tetanus is a bacterial infection that may cause muscle pain. This infection can lead to death if the person has not got their vaccination. The tetanus gets into the when the skin has a cut or an open wound. Most people who do not have the tetanus vaccine may experience bloody stools, diarrhea, a fever, a headache, a sore throat, start sweating, and the heartbeat can increase. This infection can last up to seven days or even months depending on the situation. People who have a short incubation can experience severe symptoms to this

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