Vaccination Pros And Cons

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Why are schools making parents do things they aren’t comfortable with ? Thousands of schools in america that are not allowing children to go to school unless they have up to date vaccinations. Even though 1 in 10 americans don’t believe in getting/ giving their children vaccinations. That isn’t stopping schools from requiring students to have them. Parents over the past couple of years have gone against their children getting vacations because of them getting sick right after. Even parents of children with life threatening illnesses are going against vaccinations as well.
What is the purpose of Vaccinations? Vaccinations are used to train the immune system to fight off disease symptoms. When a bacteria or virus enters the body, cells called lymphocytes fight off the illness(Pappas, Stephanie). Lymphocytes react via creating antibodies that are protein molecules that help fight off illness(Pappas, Stephanie).Vaccinations work to prevent diseases such as chicken poxs, Hepatitis B infection, Hepatitis A, HPV, ABLV, Measles, Shingles, and more. The vaccination just gives the body symptoms of the virus not the actual illness. Having the symptoms helps the body train for if one of the illnesses appear. Even though the vaccination gives symptoms sometimes the body doesnt react properly. Studies have shown that vaccinations could trigger the diseases that they are supposed to be preventing. The live vaccinations are the ones that are life threatening to people

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