Vaccinations: Do the Goods Outweigh the Bad

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The world today is far different from how it used to be 2000 years ago, and 2000 more years from now it will continue to change. Changes come from what we currently have, so we have to decide what we are going to keep and what we want to change. One of the changes that we are going to have to decide is to keep or get rid of vaccines. A vaccination is when a person (normally a nurse) injects you with a small amount of weakened/dead microbes which helps your immune system get used to the disease and help prevent it. There are many benefits to have vaccines available to us, and like everything else in the world; there is a downside to having vaccines. Everyone has different opinions and depending on your perspective of how you see things, and what has happened to you. All of these factors can affect what and how you think of things. One of the areas that we have greatly improved in has been our medical studies. With the improvements in our medical studies came vaccines. The first recorded vaccinated happened in 1774 by a farmer named Benjamin Jesty (The Dorest Page). Benjamin was an ordinary farmer, but during the summer there was an outbreak of smallpox (The Dorest Page). Small pox was a dangerous disease that sometimes ended with death. “Benjamin reasoned that if dairymaids who caught cowpox accidentally were immune to smallpox, then someone who caught cowpox deliberately should be equally immune. He therefore resolved to infect his family with cowpox with a

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