Vaccines Are Safe And Effective

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Introduction: Vaccines are attributed to saving millions of lives in the United States, yet many parents refuse to protect their child from potentially dangerous diseases. With the accessibility of technology, it is easy to see how the anti-vaccine movement can persuade parents, but many find out the hard way the lack of evidence to support this trend. By understanding the sole purpose and statistical evidence supporting the effectiveness of vaccines, one can conclude our world is a much better place because of vaccines. Therefore, because vaccines are safe and effective, it is crucial for all children to be immunized.

I. To begin, the purpose of a vaccine is to build up a child’s immune system and is a safer method compared to “natural immunization”.

A. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, last updated on May 19, twenty – fourteen, vaccines include extremely weak disease-causing antigens. However, these antigens are effective enough to make the immune system aware of a foreign invader and as a result, the body builds up immunity by creating antibodies (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). Warrant: So, if the body comes in contact with a specific illness, for example, the measles, since the body has been exposed to a similar foreign invader via vaccine, the body is well equipped to fight it off.
B. However, some anti-vaccine parents may argue that it is better for a child to become immunized by catching a

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