Validity Of The New Testament Essay

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Validity of the New Testament through Canonicity In the world of science, before anything is accepted it must be proven that it is valid. In the world that we live in order for someone to believe something you have to have proof. For example, in order for a theory to be accepted in science it has to be tested. When Newton came up with the theory that mass attracts every other mass in the universe and etc, he had to go through different steps to make his theory be considered a theory. For example, he had to create a hypothesis, test it, and provide notes and visuals for it to be considered. Just like scientists have to go through protocols for getting their theories accepted, the books in the bible have to as well to be considered a scripture. This process would be known as canonicity. Canonicity is the standard that books had to meet to be recognized as a book of the bible. In the New Testament, just because a book was written it was not just accepted in the bible. It had to go through guidelines as well. According to, deciding which books were inspired seems like a human process ( The Christians would meet up and determine together as a whole whether or not the books were inspired. So this process of determining the validity of a book of the bible is like when a jury comes together to reach a verdict in a case. Everyone works together to determine whether the person is guilty or innocent. When it comes to do the validity of books of

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